Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seek God Diligently and Find Him

Five Minute Friday is so much fun for me. No pressure! Simply a word prompt on twitter (#fmfparty) on Thursday night and then write. No overthinking or editing. There is a linkup on Friday at where we can read other's five minute free write. This week's prompt is: FIND


My family and I raise sheep. It has been said that sheep aren’t always the smartest creatures. It depends on what day you ask me on what answer you’ll get from me.

Lambing season is in the spring and it’s fast and furious. It doesn’t take long for exhaustion to find me. Even in the midst of all the fatigue it isn’t hard to find God right in the middle of all of it with me.

One particularly long day while I was checking heavies (getting close to lambing) I came across 4 ewes all trying to claim one lamb. Now ewes can have multiple lambs but I’ve never seen a lamb have multiple mothers.

Two of the 4 ewes had their water bags out so I knew they were close but hadn’t lambed yet but it was clear that 2 of them had. So where was the second lamb? I walked all over and tried to find the little bugger. No luck!

Then I looked up to find one of my livestock guardian dogs staring at the ground in front of her. There wasn’t anything that jumped out at me on why she was staring at the grass but I walked over to get a better idea.

That’s when I heard it. The faint cry of a lamb that sounded like it was coming from well beneath the earth. It appeared that as her mother laid down to give birth to her she literally dropped her into a gaping hole in the ground.

We had to diligently seek to find our little lamb. It wasn’t an easy process to dig her out of the hole as it was quite deep. It wasn’t easy but it was SO worth it. Not only were we super excited to find her but her mother was as well.

God loves us and wants us near Him. He tells us that if we diligently seek Him we WILL find Him.

Many times we simply need to look up!


  1. wow... what a cool story and link to God thought. :) we just need to look don't we? Diligently look.

    FMF neighbour

  2. Loved this! {A FMF friend} []

  3. Sounds like sheep could give goats a run for their money in the "duh?" sweepstakes.

    Loved the story, and the analogy. I'm #9 at FMF.

    1. I've had goats as well and they're way smarter than sheep. :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sweet post - a 'find' for me! Thanks! Visiting from Blessing Counter.