Friday, July 29, 2016

True Identity: Where are we finding ours?

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. Zechariah 4:10a
The fan clicked softly as it swirled away the stifling heat and humidity that had settled into little backwoods church. There was a strange familiarity in this place I’d never set foot before. Strings pulling me back to a time I’d never really known but yet my heart felt an instant connection.

We moved around so much when I was kid I never really felt like I had any roots. How can roots get a chance to go deep when they’re never allowed time to get past the surface?

How strange it was to feel roots coming up from this little rock walled church pulling me into a heritage I was still trying to figure out.

I sat trying not to move for fear of the pew creaking and giving away my giddiness over something I couldn’t truly explain.

The old familiar gospel music wafted me into a comfort I’d been missing for a while. Hearing my father’s soft, familiar voice at the pulpit of his childhood was the highlight of a trip to a home I’d never known.

As I sat listening intently to the message about God, not man or the world, defining our identity it hit me like a ton of bricks. Soft, gentle bricks though!

Never despise small beginnings!

My dad had spent so many of his formative years in this tiny building that brimmed with larger than life people. What the building lacked in sized it more than made up for in faith.

These people threw a pebble of faith into my dad and God multiplied the ripples more than anyone could have ever expected.

How could they have known? Could they see the generations to come that would be affected by their decision to arm my family with the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus?

No. The simple answer is no. But, nothing is small to our BIG God.
Those small beginnings don’t identify who I am as my identity is IN Christ but I never want to despise or look past those beginnings.

Your true identity is secure in your Heavenly Father, 
not your earthly father.

We must keep our eyes on Jesus and not let the enemy fill us with lies about our identity. We’re more than conquerors and already victorious through Christ. Operate from that victory, not towards it. Live out who and whose you are each day.

I’m so grateful for the people who invested their time and faith into my dad. They paved a way for generations to come!

I’m reminded today of how our earthly roots are nice to know but they will never define who you are as only God can do that! His Word tells us all we need to know about our true identity. Our roots can run deep and really settle in Him.

Let’s dig deep into His word this week and really come to know who God says we are and thank Him for that truth!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Do you need to bring your self-discipline out?

I’ve been checked out and more than a bit out of it lately.

I took a scheduled break from writing in May and the first part of June as it’s our busiest time of the year on the ranch.

It’s amazing how quickly a discipline or habit we’ve had for quite a while can slip away when not exercised. I kept telling myself I was too busy to write and it would just have to wait.

The thing is though, the longer I waited to start back up the harder it became to start at all!

The excuses became easier and the discipline became harder. I kept telling myself I was too busy and it really didn’t matter that much anyway. To be honest, I was am struggling with the fear of failing.

What if it’s harder than I remembered? What if I was always fooling myself before and this wasn’t what God called me to do? Do I even have words left in me anymore?

Yikes, even typing those words I realize how much the enemy was feeding me lies. I simply got out of a habit and lost the discipline and the devil took full advantage of my doubts I voiced.

Have you ever been there? Fear of failure keeping you from exercising the self-discipline God has given us.

Speak against the lies of fear and timidity in the name of Jesus. Be brave in Him. Claim the spirit of power, love and self-discipline He freely gives.

That may look different for each of us and in each situation. Maybe it’s someone speaking truth into your life at the moment God has orchestrated. It could be the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit reminding you of who and whose you really are! Maybe it’s simply making the next right choice.

I want to get back in the habit of writing what God lays on my heart to share. It takes discipline. You know what, it’s not easy. But…God created us for hard things.

I’m literally just putting one word down and then the next. I’m asking God to help me be brave. I’m giving him the little bit of bold I have right now and trusting Him to handle the rest.

He’s more than capable of taking the little bit of
self-discipline hidden deep inside us and bring it to its fullest.

(A little grace from you with my stumbling words on this first one back would be much appreciated as well.)

What area(s) of your life do you need put some self-discipline into action? Let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to pray with you!
I'm sharing this post with several other blogger's at these Faith Linkups. I encourage you to check them out. If this post resonates with you and feel it would help others please feel free to share. Easy to share buttons below. ~Laura~